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ENGLISH LANGUAGE ESSAY  TOPICS – level B2 (200-220 words)


1. My Dream Job

The journal „Career“ is organizing a students´ competition for the best essay entitled „My Dream Job“ which will include justifications of your imagination and opinions. Use the following points:

-       what kind of job you would prefer,

-       what advantages and disadvantages you can see in it,

-       how you imagine your working day,

-       how you imagine the relationships in the working place,

-       what you would be willing to do to get that job.



2. English Today


English is by far the most widely used language in the world. Write an  essay on its history, importance and way of use. Use the following points as well:

-       role of English in communication,

-       what you know about English language history and literature,

-       what is your attitude towards learning English,

-       what are English language difficulties for you,

-       what is needed to do to become a very good English speaker.



3. Moving Abroad


You want to move to a foreign country. Think of some country which would be the place for living. Use the following points:

-       what country and what your reasons are,

-       what you know about its culture, history, political situation and other kind of facts,

-       what advantages you can see in moving there,

-       what problems can you encounter there,

-       what you will do there. 

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